Auto & Fleet Insurance

In Ontario, auto insurance coverage is mandatory.  But your policy can be tailored to suit your needs.   There are many options and enhanced coverages available.  We offer:

Accident Forgiveness – protects your good driver rating in the event you have your first at fault accident.

Waiver of Depreciation – if your car is purchased new, and up to 2 years old, depreciation is waived in the event of a write off.

Antique and Classic car program – A special program with low annual premiums for antique and classic cars that are treated like “babies”.

My Driving Discount with Intact Insurance – take advantage of your good driving and save on your premium with the use of a telematics device to measure your real time driving behaviors.  10% off when you first sign up and on your next renewal, up to 25% off based on your driving habits.  Click here to learn more.

Loss of Use – when your car is in for repairs due to an insured loss, a rental car will be provided to you.